Past Lives

Past Life Regression

I am completely fascinated with this topic! I have had many past lives clients and i am always excited and honoured to do this work. Whether you are simply interested and curious or wanting to do past life trauma healing this therapy is beneficial and can be transformative for people. I myself have benefited from this work and am very passionate about taking people on this journey.

With this therapy the belief is that we are a soul that has lived many lives before, we return each time to learn a lesson

Throughout past lives hypnotherapy you will be answering questions under hypnosis. i will make notes of everything that some up so you can later reflect and we can discuss together after the session. There will always be a safe place while you are under hypnosis to return to should you ever feel as though you need to remove yourself from any situation. I will guide you and help you through out to make sure you feel safe and so that you can get the most out of the experience.